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spinach pie

Frequently asked questions

Q: How many people does a calzone feed?

             A: About 4-5 adults

Q: Are the calzones made fresh?

            A: Our calzones are made fresh each night, giving them enough time to cool and wrap.

Q: Can I customize a calzone?

           A: You cannot create your own calzone, however if you would like to alter one that we already make, it is possible with a minimum of 24 hours notice. (i.e. Cold cut, no mustard)

Q: Do I need to order calzones?

          A: We try to have all 13 calzones on hand at all times, however, we do recommend ordering beforehand to guarantee the kinds you want are not sold out.

Q: Do you use any peanut products?

           A: Although we do not use any products that contain peanuts directly, we cannot garuntee cross contamination from the bakery, or from warehouses we get our ingredients from.

Q: What kind of oil do you use to fry?

           A: Canola oil

Q: How many cutlets come in a pound?

           A: it varies due to the size. On average, about 4-5 chicken cutlets and about 20-25 eggplant cutlets

Q: Can you heat the prepared meals?

            A: No. The prepared meals are intended to be heated up at home. 

Q: Do you sell Gluten free products?

             A: Unfortunately,there is too much flour in the air so we cannot be gluten free. However, some of our prepared meals are gluten sensitive.

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